Latent Defects & Building Faults

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Latent defects are best described as a failure to comply with the correct materials or poor workmanship during construction of the building. These deficiencies are usually undetectable until a good time after the “deficient construction,” making the claims process much harder when the deficiencies finally become apparent. Usually, if the problem is noticed in the first two years of construction, the contractor is obliged to correct the damage.

The damage caused by latent defects are usually difficult to remedy, the main damage caused by the different types of these latent deficiencies include subsidence, which is caused by the underlying ground or age of the property or even poor workmanship within the property when built, this causes ripping of wallpaper and cracking in the walls. Other examples of latent defects include heave, which is an upward movement of the ground caused by high quantities of clay in soils or damp, which can be caused by a number of different things. The list of latent defects doesn’t end here, there are various different types of defects that your property can be subject to, each being extremely difficult to see.

Latent Defects Causing You Property To Become Unsafe?

Latent defects can sometimes progress to the point where it makes your home or property unsafe to live in. When you submit a claim through your insurer, which can prove difficult and problematic, they will send around a loss adjustLatent Defects in Buildingser that they’ve employed to survey the property. Remember, unlike claiming through your insurer, by appointing property defects; who are property defects loss adjusters, you automatically employ a loss adjuster that works on your behalf and will ensure you receive the entitlement you deserve.

If you have recently had work done, or recently finished construction of your home and you have noticed any signs of defects; may it be cracking in interior walls, cracking in exterior walls, sticking of doors, damp or any other of the many signs of latent defects, your house may be compromised. If you want to receive the full settlement for the hardships placed on your property, visit today.