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Comparing The Cheapest Sim Only Deals

I was looking for a sim only deal for my daughter who is 10 yrs. old. I had bought her a mobile phone for her birthday that I could put any sim card in. I didn’t want a long contract that way too expensive so I started browsing the internet for the cheapest sim only deals. I came across a three sim only deal and I was amazed how easy finding the correct sim only deal that gave me the flexibility I was looking for.

Cheapest sim only deals in the UKFrom as little as £5 per month I found a sim only contract with 500mb of data and 200 minutes. I can cap her monthly allowance to prevent her going over her limit and the contract was for only 12 months which was perfect and if she did run out too early in the month I have the option of logging on to my sim only account and topping up.

In some of the plans you can have unlimited data, unlimited texts and as many minutes as you like, maybe that’s one for the future because I know what a chatterbox she is. You get a 4G data speed for the price of a 3G. We also go on holiday and I’m for ever turning my roaming data off as you are always worried that you are going to come home to a massive bill but at three sim only it’s included in many European countries as part of your monthly allowance, so a least one of us will still be in touch with the world!

I literally have everything I want and they will give me alerts for usage limits. I know this definitely one of the cheapest sim only deals for me and my daughter and she will be over the moon on her birthday. With Three sim only deals they also do iPad date sim card which maybe is something I will get her for Christmas you can use the Wi-Fi at home then when you go out or in the car you just slot a sim card into the iPad and hey presto, I have one happy child one happy mother and a stress free journey.…